Drop your phone in water, or at least get enough moisture into it so that it either dies, or starts acting possesed. After getting past the denial, and then the anger, you'll probably do some searching online to find out how you can maximize the chances that your phone will work again, as soon as possible. You'll find out that one of the most common recommendations for reviving that expensive gadget that you haven't backed up in ages is to put it in rice. It's good for pudding, it's good for pilaf, it's good for paella, it's good for... phones! With all due respect for this great and versatile grain, there's probably a better way. Or maybe even a few. We're looking into that.

In the meantime, enjoy some haiku, and if you're feeling inspired, sendusyours@droppedphoneinwater.com

Phone swishes around
Soap, rinse, spin, cold water wash
Dryer fixes all
Amy S., Vermont

Pit stop at Starbucks
Splish Splash phones takin' a bath
Reach in and grab it
Erica P., Colorado

A beep and a splash
And a desperate plea for life
Just before the flush
Mary P., Wellesley, MA

Gil Hodges garden,
water plants in a bucket
my iPhone dives in
Justin P., Brooklyn, NY

Peed, checked my email
No one wrote. Lonely and choked,
It slipped. Berry end.
Luke D., Brooklyn, NY

It was a work phone
Assistant looked quizzical
Handled it anyway.
Luke D., Brooklyn, NY

Drowned in my handbag
Who knew my toddler gave me
her unsealed juice? Ouch!
- Jennifer P., Boston, MA

Bathing my orchids
in a deep tray of water
phone slips from pocket
- Justin P., Brooklyn, NY